An Engaging App to Increase Awareness Around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace

DiverseCity uses community engagement and education to create awareness and consciousness that our workplaces demand in these challenging times. We create the much needed transformation towards an inclusive society.

True Transformation Through Education, Dialogue and Safe Engagement

As global consciousness grows around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), organizations are realizing that traditional approaches are not yielding long-term results. The keys to growing and scaling cultural DEI will be through innovation and the creative use of modern technologies.

Flexible and Secure

Regardless of size, our technology allows for scalability across all entities while providing secure access to curated resources on relevant topics. We are committed to ensuring that all organizations have the ability to participate in this vital cause.

Inspires and Encourages

Our platform moves employees from passive participation to active engagement, and ultimately, to become effective drivers of change.

Insights for Growth

With DiverseCity, organizations can track statistics, logs, posts, and leaderboards to effectively identify organizational progress. Our dashboards provide analytics and reporting which allows administration to measure assimilation.

Positive Space

Organizations can now create an emotionally safe place to catapult DEI awareness, with the goal of heightening employees sense of belonging and thereby, performance.

Safe, Scalable, Automated Engagement

Organizations that actively practice diversity, equity and inclusion know the difficulty of developing and sustaining transformative solutions. DiverseCity addresses that challenge with flexible, automated, scalable features that drive engagement.

Leaders now have the power to be more effective in their mission of transforming their workplaces into conscious environments that embrace growth.

DiverseCity is on a Mission to Comprehensively End Global Racism and
Other Systemic Oppressions

Organizations that value human capital know that sustaining equity and belonging begins after the conferences and workshops end. Enter DiverseCity, a powerful solution that will bring real transformation to our business ecosystem and society as a whole.


An Engagement Platform that Supports Continuous and Sustained Learning


Provides Incentives through Custom Leaderboards and Reward Systems


Allows Access to Relevant Industry Experts and Curated Resources


Ability to Customize and Expand Curated Content to Support Specific Organizational Goals

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