How Does DiverseCity Work?

Our innovative technology allows DiverseCity to provide a comprehensive solution to a complex issue. We successfully combine influential research and social methods to promote awareness of divisive inequities and help participants embrace positive change.

Learning Through Gamification

DiverseCity uses the concept of Gamification to guide participants through the institutional and racial systems that have maintained age-old social inequities. This method allows us to activate the natural desire for people to socialize, learn, and leverage their sense of achievement through engagement. We make you better.


A critical component and differentiator of the DiverseCity solution is its infusion of gamification.

Gamification actively promotes employee engagement which is proven to expedite cultural awareness and help build employee consciousness.


Gamification makes learning fun, enhances behavior modification, and fosters stronger retention of training concepts.

Participants are challenged to participate through stimulating their curiosity, competition and memory recall.


Gamification serves to incentivize users through social rewards, organizational recognition, and positive reinforcement.

Outcomes include a more educated, intuitive, and engaged workforce.

Engagement that Leads to Long-lasting Change

With DiverseCity and its gamification mechanics,
engagement elevates excitement, which leads to deeper understanding of the realities of social inequities. 

Since gamification actually drives motivation, users obtain a high degree of learning and retention.

This is where CHANGE happens.

Finally, a DEI Learning Platform Designed to Bring Abstract Concepts to Life

DiverseCity uses a unique gaming structure to organize employees into small, safe groups led by a trained internal champion. These champions are given access to carefully vetted resources and relevant material to be shared within their group. As engagement occurs, points are earned and rewards are granted.

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