Who We Serve

Our greater mission is to serve the world with the best tools available and destroy racism.

DiverseCity's Focus

We focus on creating successful DEI strategies and greater awareness for different types of organizations and strategies. We make you better.


Corporations and Business Entities

In today’s global economy, understanding the value of diverse workforces enhances performance, innovation and reduces the loss of human capital. Collaboration, cohesion, and recruitment are typically reinforced by DEI initiatives.

Academic Institutions

Many academic institutions have complex ecosystems that contain large, diverse administrative and student bodies. Diversity initiatives that include race, ethnicity, religion, disabilities, gender and sexual orientation are the most popular areas of opportunity for these institutions.

Local, State, and Federal Agencies

As populations become more diverse, so should the local, state and federal agencies that serve them. Protecting and providing equitable services for the public begins with a workforce that understands the challenges of the populations they serve.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations that focus on segmented populations like underrepresented groups, marginalized communities or have “grass roots driven missions” typically rely on their employees to demonstrate their organizational values. Understanding diversity, equity, and inclusion is essential for these groups.

Community Based Initiatives

Community-based initiatives are typically created organically and contain members that support and uphold ideas central to an agenda or belief. With constantly expanding memberships, these groups greatly benefit from understanding the power of diversity, equity and inclusion.

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HR, Retention and Recruitment

HR Teams learn how to help their organizations leverage and value, age, race, religion, disabilities and diverse racial backgrounds support and magnify business objectives. We empower human capital.

DEI Design and Support

Our team of DEI experts have created the full framework and infrastructure to reduce the complexities involved with cultural education and shifting mindsets. We safely help you to share, learn and grow.

Workforce Transformation

Reshaping and modifying organizational culture requires a systemic process to educate, promote awareness, and impact outcomes. We create a mentality of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Cultural Alignment

As cultural shifts and new norms develop, different diversity challenges or opportunity narratives will appear on the radar of humanity. We scale together.

Comfort, Safety and Well-Being

We believe that the concepts of comfort, safety and well being are actually destinations. We inspire change while reducing anxiety.

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